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    2. Letters of introdution

      This is an email from Guangdong Shenzhen China, Shenzhen Dongtai International Logistics Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Mingcheng International Logistics Co., Ltd. ). The company is an integrated third party logistics company, combination of General trade of import and export agent, Bonded warehouse logistics, Export returned to repair and Supply chain finance.
      After nearly seven years of development, the company has achieved great success in many filed and well recognized by the customs, local government and banking institutions.
      The services we can provide are as follow:
      Efficient import and export declarations, inspection services. Advantageous areas is the front-line ports and bonded areas around Shenzhen.
      All bonded area (Export Processing Zone) warehousing and distribution integration services in Shenzhen and Developed a new declaration, storage services in Guangzhou Shatian Bonded area.
      The various types of electronic products manufactured in China due to quality problems rejected by foreign customers and returned, including the export returned to repair business. Our company built a number of high standards testing and maintenance workshops, equipped with maintenance workbench, production line, where could significantly improve the efficiency of rework, shorten the maintenance cycle.
      Global procurement, export tax rebates, and other integrated supply chain services.
      Currently, Clients cooperate with us, either directly or indirectly include Armani, SAMSUNG, APPLE, Great Wall Computer, Haier, Kyushu, ZTE, BYD, Yitoa, Unistrong, Konica, Bern, Lens Technology, Yuto, WONDERFUL HI-TECH.
      We have many cooperation cases and tailor-made solutions, please fell free to contact us and we also could send you relevant documents
      Wish the success of our cooperation, share the happiness and bulid our dreams!
      MOL:136-8497-2016  (Same as the Wechat ID)
      E-mail:fanmc@mc-intl.cc     QQ:49071903